Hi, I’m Chanelle.

Growing up in Oregon, I played outside each day, deep in the forest amongst the pine trees and moss, dirt on my face, deeply connected to nature. As a kid, I assumed that everyone loved the Earth just as much as me and my community did.

When I moved away from the Pacific North West as a teenager, I began to notice that my appreciation and love for nature was uncommon. I saw and experienced beautiful, luxurious, and fast lifestyles, much different than the modest, intentional, carboard-box-for-a-coffee-table childhood I was used to. 

And it felt exciting. I dove head first into the year’s newest styles and trendy clothing for back-to-school shopping each year. My parents gifted me a car for my 16th birthday. My favorite meal was Papa’s backyard grilled chicken and sausages. I was (and still am) extremely privileged, living a life with not only all of my basic needs met, but also a life that many would call lavish. 

It wasn’t until I moved back to Oregon for college that I reconnected with my love for nature and my home state’s grounding energy. Being on my own for the first time, I became more conscious of what I was purchasing (or not purchasing, because college student life) and consuming. I saw compost and recycling options pop up all over my campus and became curious about why this was happening and whether I was doing my part to protect the planet. 

I went down rabbit holes of online research in many different areas of environmental sustainability: the destruction caused by animal agriculture, rainforest deforestation, poor air quality, plastic pollution, fast fashion, rising ocean temperatures, pesticides, and over fishing. I felt as if I had opened the door on something that I could no longer be naive to.

Being a bit more aware of how my personal, daily habits were contributing to this massive global issue, I knew I had to make some changes. I felt like I had been living a lie, claiming that I loved the environment, while contributing to its destruction at every turn.

I began making major changes in my day to day towards a more Earth-friendly lifestyle, which felt more in alignment with values. I researched companies before I made a purchase, reached out and asked questions about their products, and requested that my local grocery stores offer more eco-friendly items and reusable bulk options.  

I wanted to live as eco-friendly as quickly as possible, but found it ridiculously difficult to find resources and products that I knew were completely eco-friendly and that I felt good about purchasing. It took me loads of time to do my due diligence in finding out which products to purchase and which things to avoid. 

Through naturally talking about my passion and interest in pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, people I was close with, and even strangers, started reaching out to me with their questions and thoughts on environmental preservation topics. 

I discovered that other people were eco-curious, just as I was, and desired to live more in alignment with nature, but, similarly, felt discouraged and confused by the millions of options on the market. 

I believe that it’s my purpose and responsibility to share what I know about how to lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle in this day and age. Through example, trial and error, and personal experience, I help eco-curious people begin making positive shifts towards a healthier planet.

I’m wildly passionate about conscious sustainability, though I understand all too well how challenging it can be in today’s world; so I’m realistic in my approach and empathetic in the time it takes to form new habits.

My hope is that through the documentation of my personal self expression and intentional lifestyle choices, I may spark creativity and confidence in others so that they may feel empowered to act in integrity in a way that’s uniquely vibrant to them.

I’m here to show how this is possible in the most real, honest, and affordable way I’m able.


My Background

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication in 2016.

Since 2017, I’ve worked at Google within the People Operations organization. I balance competing priorities, manage client expectations, use data to drive decision making, and illuminate the most paramount needs of the business. Transparency and consistent, clear communication has allowed me thrive in my role.

I bring all of my skills in public relations, story telling with data, and client management to the table when I support people through environmental consultancy work. We can’t tackle every area of opportunity at once, but we can work together to prioritize the most impactful strategies and use data to bench mark and improve upon over time.

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